I sometimes whimsically imagine my ten-year-old future father on an Oklahoma evening in 1938 in the living room of his family’s house, hanging back when his parents and sister drift out of the living room after “Ozzie and Harriet,” leaving him alone with the Philco radio, which he expertly tunes…

The curtain began closing in on my mother’s mind long before the last act of her life was over, perhaps when she was in her early forties. Whether she was already suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s or from some unrelated problem, I cannot say.

What I can say is…

A Pandemic Odyssey

Sunrise from the deck of our little apartment

It’s eleven months since we were last in Brooklyn, but we’re finally on our way, pandemic and all. The last time we made the trip to our small second home, there was no coronavirus, and Linda’s mom was still with us. We are driving out; flying still…

Doug Roller

Doug Roller is a software developer and writer from Springfield, Missouri.

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